Thousands of students across America, like you and I, care deeply about New Orleans and its people.

Many have already contributed to the city's rebirth.

Two and a half years have passed, and now, more than ever, is the time for a student movement that recognizes our strength in numbers.

With careful planning, cooperation, and hope, we can connect our efforts and resources.

If your mission is aligned with ours, we urge you to register to be a part of the NOLArize! network:

After considerable planning and preparation, the time has now come for NOLArize! to move outside of the Swarthmore campus community and transition our efforts to the national level! We are now issuing a public call for like-minded students across the nation to become a part of the NOLArize! network. By tapping into our network, student organizations will gain access to a community of like-minded students across America committed to furthering the rebuilding effort in New Orleans. NOLArize! seeks to network both with students who have already been doing work in New Orleans as well as those who are new to efforts in New Orleans, but have an expressed interest in initiating a project.

Newly founded groups will also benefit from learning about NOLArize's power to influence the Swarthmore campus, from fundraising initiatives that worked, to learning how to incorporate New Orleans themed topics into the academic curriculum. Finally, chapters will gain the support of an at large campus community dedicated to working towards the vision of New Orleans rising again!